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The only slippery slope with an exit
·1963 words·10 mins
Early last month, Apple announced they would start scanning pictures bound for their iCloud Photo Library for known child sexual abuse material (CSAM).
Hugo, Pandoc, Nix and MathML
·1140 words·6 mins
Augmenting Hugo through Nix’ and Pandoc’s versatility.
What Is Programming?
·2773 words·14 mins
Introduction I have been a lecturer in computer and data science for five years now, working at a university of applied sciences in The Netherlands.


Avoid systemd's emergency mode on mount failure
·226 words·2 mins
My NAS runs NixOS.
A low power NAS
·464 words·3 mins
Recently, I decided to revive an old motherboard/case combination I had lying around to build a low power NAS.


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